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LED Lighting

Old convectional incandescent and florescent lighting uses more energy to produce each lumen of light. They emit a greater amount of heat in the process, and also require replacement more frequently than their LED equivalents. There has been significant advancement in lighting technology in recent decades and America is moving towards more efficient lighting - LED Lighting Technology.

The Atalon Green distributes a range of LED lighting that provides the same light, in the same fixtures, at often less than half the cost. Let’s take a T8 tube for example. A T8 LED simply replaces a 35W standard fluorescent tube and produces the same amount of light while only using 18W of electricity. As soon as the switch is turned back on, a 50% reduction in energy consumption is achieved.  The LED runs cooler than the traditional fluorescent tube and so, if the area is air-conditioned, climate control costs can also be reduced. The fluorescent tube will in most cases burn out after 10,000 hours. Most LED light bulbs have a working life of over 50,000 hours saving the cost of replacement tubes and labor costs for maintenance.

Harmonic Filters

8-20% of Your Power Bill Is Wasted

Current harmonics that are generated by modern electronic equipment that degrade your building’s Power Quality. When Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) increases, so does your energy usage.  Non-linear electric loads - like computers, monitors, TVs, power supplies, LED light drivers, and fluorescent light ballasts - generate current harmonics (dirty power)    as they convert the AC power entering your building to DC power.  These current harmonics cause your equipment to draw more current and use excessive power.  If you can improve power quality to your equipment, you can reduce your building’s energy consumption.

The T7™ Delivers Real Results

WThe T7™ EMI Facility Filter is a reliable energy-saving technology for most commercial, light industrial, and residential property owners.  Its patented variable inductive-transformer design absorbs and restores harmonics noise, and that means cleaner power to your equipment. Our customers typically see energy consumption and power bills fall 7-12%*.  

  • UL® -listed
  • U.S. Department of Energy certified as a power-saving product
  • 19-month average customer payback period*

Performance has been independently verified to the US DOE standards per the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols and ASHRAE Guidelines

* Individual results may vary

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